Seeing is Believing
Trips to Zambia

One week to change your life, to alter your perspective. Make an impact...

Friends of Zambia leads groups of 20-30 participants (leaders in business, media, non-profit and government) to Zambia for week-long intensive trips.

Over the week, a deep and broad survey of the challenges Zambia faces--from the HIV/AIDS crisis, to infrastructure gaps, to education and employment to hunger and poverty--are cross-sectioned with the perspectives of policy-makers, youth, Zambian citizens, businessmen, and NGO leaders.The result is a deep appreciation not only of the challenges, but of the untapped potential of these

Focused on action, the days are intense, rich, and revealing, and are partnered with opportunities for group brainstorming and personal reflection.

In partnership with the ImagineNations Group, Friends of Zambia has led four successful trips to Zambia, on which over 60 leaders in business, civil society, and philanthropy from the United States and Europe have participated. The goal of these trips is to promote business and charitable investment by connecting corporations and individuals to opportunities and needs in Zambia.

On the November 2005 trip to Zambia, Friends of Zambia and ImagineNations joined with the Center for Corporate Citizenship at Boston College. The Center works with global corporations to help them define, plan and operationalize their corporate citizenship.


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